Great Resources on Louisiana Construction Law

Great Resources on Louisiana Construction Law

On June 8, 2010 Author By Scott Wolfe Jr

I spent a great deal of time over the past five years working hard to provide the Louisiana building industry with a comprehensive construction law resource.   The by-products of that work is this blog, along with our topic and location specific blogs:  Louisiana Construction Law Blog, the Louisiana Green Building Law Blog, and the Chinese Drywall Blog.

But, of course, I’m not the only game in town.   And I couldn’t possibly be.   There are tons of other great blogs and resources out there for folks to stay abreast on construction law issues.   In fact, I subscribe to all of these blogs and resources and get a lot of information from them.

Here are some of my favorites:

-  Louisiana Law Blog.   Not updated often, but whenever something is posted, it’s something worth reading.   Published by the KeanMiller firm, the only downside here is that the posts aren’t always about construction law issues.   It’s more of a general blog that touches on construction law issues.

- Louisiana Construction Law Blog on Blogspot.  Aside form our firm, this is the only other firm that blogs exclusively about Louisiana Construction Law.   Their blog, while new, is also very resourceful, and they are doing a great job of blogginThis article was originally posted on Wolfe Law Group’s topic-specific Louisiana Construction Law Blog.g about issues that affect Louisiana contractors.

- Mike Purdy Public Contracting Blog.  Not a blog specifically about Louisiana issues, but there is plenty here that can help a Louisiana contractor who does public construction work.

- Shields Mott Lund Newsletters.   While not a blog, and a bit reminiscent of how newsletter content was disseminated by law firms in the 1980s, there’s no denying that once you find this information, it is good.

- Louisiana State Board of Contractors Announcements.   Not only is the board’s website a good place to find information on the state’s licensing requirements, but they also have an “announcements” page, where they sometimes alert folks to changes in the law that affect the construction industry.

This article was originally posted on Wolfe Law Group’s topic-specific Louisiana Construction Law Blog.

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