Bill Bryson’s New Book Has Treasures For Construction Industry

Bill Bryson’s New Book Has Treasures For Construction Industry

On November 29, 2010 Author By Scott Wolfe Jr

At Home: A Short History of Private LifeI’m a big fan of Bill Bryson’s books.   I first fell in love with his writings by reading A Short History of Nearly Everything.  The book is as advertised.

A couple of weeks ago, Bryson released a book with a less ambitious subject:   At Home:  A Short History of Private Life.   The point here is that Bryson goes through his own English home, examining the history of our normal everyday lives by examining each room and the room’s associated history.

As a general reader, I recommend the book because Bryson is such an enchanting writer, and this book is packed with interesting information.   The book has special interest to folks like me, who are connected in some form with the construction industry.

In At Home, from time to time, Bryson talks about the history of certain construction styles, methods and materials.   We learn about the history of the brick (it’s older than architecture would let on), for example, and why windows aren’t very popular until recent modern times (there was a tax on glass).

So, if you’re in the construction industry or associated with it in any way, and you’re looking for a leisure book to read, put At Home on your list.

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