Flat Fees – Pre-Packaged Legal

Here at Wolfe Law Group we love flat fees. This is an area of our practice that has been blossoming for good reason. Business owners and contractors like to know what they are getting when they buy products. Legal products are no different. Many potential clients avoid using lawyers because of the often complex and expensive fee structure. There are a number of occasions where attorney fees are an issue in a case, and the company who has paid upfront is in a much better position at the negotiation table and/or the court room. Here are a few of the more popular or most common purchases on our flat fee menu: Although we have a fixed list on our website, there are a number of other services we can offer. By scheduling an initial consultation you can speak with one of our attorneys and they can quote you flat fees on just about any service we can perform.
About the Author: Seth Smiley
Seth is an attorney licensed to practice in Louisiana and California. He is the owner and lead attorney at Smiley Law Firm. To speak with Seth fill out the form on this page. Follow Seth on LinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter.

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