Mediation! New Service Available at Wolfe Law

Mediation! New Service Available at Wolfe Law

On December 8, 2012 Author By Seth Smiley

Seth J. Smiley, partner at Wolfe Law Group, LLC and author of is now a formally trained mediator. New Orleans just hosted the AAAU’s (American Arbitration Association University), Essential Skills for the New Mediator workshop in downtown, hosted by Neil Carmichael.

Why would parties want to mediate a dispute instead of going to court? That answer is easy, yet has many factors. The most important are that mediation is less expensive and much more efficient compared to litigation. But the most important factor is that the parties control their own outcome, rather than a group of strangers (jury).

So if you are in a dispute and are looking for an economical, logical and swift conclusion that is mutually agreeable between you and your adversary, then mediation may be just what you are looking for. Contact the Wolfe Law Group, LLC for more details.

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  1. [...] To a large degree, I agree with Chris here. I claim that lawyers are out of touch and that the legal system at large is broken, but despite my complaints, I’m aware of that lawyers can bring value to the table and can be an asset in the construction process. One thing that Hill often mentions (and to which I agree) is that mediation is a excellent tool for construction disputes. [...]

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