Can Construction Estimating Software Help You Win Bids?

Here at, I often get industry experts who would like my readers to hear their opinions or help spread the word on what is going on in the construction industry. Software Adviceis a company who helps those in selected industries choose the best software for the business. Statistics are always a great way to […]

Louisiana Supreme Court Reverses Bad Decision That Allowed Bidders to Defraud the State

If you recall, on October 19, 2010, I discussed what I believed to be a very poor decision rendered by the Louisiana First Circuit, concluding that when a bidder on a public project defrauds the State, the State is refused any remedies. Well, apparently the Louisiana Supreme Court agreed with me (for once), because it […]

For Louisiana Contractors Bidding on Public Works Projects: This Case is for You

For all you Louisiana public works contractors out there bidding for public works projects to expand your private business or bidding for public works projects because that’s what you’ve always done – whatever the case may be - the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals is on your side. For cities and states trying to construct […]

New Mississippi Resident Preference Law Is Important for Louisiana Contractors Crossing Border

Earlier this year, Mississippi passed into law Senate Bill 2370, amending the resident preference statute for Mississippi public works projects:  Miss. Code Ann. § 31-3-21(3).   The bill is extremely important to Louisiana contractors who do (are want to do) business on public projects in Mississippi.  If you fail to abide, you're bid will be considered […]

How To Get Your Small Contracting Business Considered for King County Public Works Projects

Not every public works contract is worth millions of dollars...and legislatures across the country (including the U.S. Congress) is interested in giving some public work to small and/or minority contractors. An example of this public interest can be found in RCW 39.04.155, which establishes "small works roster contract procedures" for Washington counties.    This statute authorizes […]

When Bidder on Public Project Defrauds the State, Louisiana 1st Circuit Refuses the State Any Remedies

In my view, the Louisiana First Circuit just rendered a very poor decision.   The decision was written by Judge William J. Kline (serving pro tempore) in the matter State of Louisiana v. Infinity Surety Agency, LLC, et al, 2010 CA 0123, Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal (Rendered September 10, 2010). In Louisiana, when a […]

Budgets, Changes Orders and A Green Building Project

If you were to survey green building critics, it's safe to guess most will argue that the cost to build green do not outweigh the benefits. Indeed, many have suggested that the cost of building green (especially gaining LEED certification) is significantly higher than building to ordinary standards.   Others argue that LEED certification can be […]

The Bidding Process 3 – The Owner’s Perspective

Owners facing a new construction venture must inevitably depend upon the expertise of others involved in the project, regardless of their own level of sophistication. Architects, engineers, contractors, suppliers, and tradesmen all contribute to the efficient design and build of every project. The owner's reliance upon their collective mastery, skill, and cost-effectiveness is understood by […]

The Bidding Process 2 – The General Contractor’s Perspective

General contractors succeed or fail, for the most part, because of their ability to master the bidding process. Not only do they bid for projects themselves, they also accept bids from subcontractors and suppliers. In sum, no one understands the bidding process better than a general contractor of several years standing. For a general contractor, […]