Louisiana Contractors – Workers Compensation Insurance

Back in 2009 this blog reported on the very topic of Workers Compensation insurance, stating that 1 and 5 businesses are breaking workers compensation laws. In my everyday practice, I feel like the trend is still prevalent in the construction industry. The main reason being is due to the exorbitant price of this insurance on contractors. Workers Compensation is […]

New Orleans City Council Passing Construction Requirements

Two weeks ago the New Orleans City Council passed and ordinance that is purported to beef up labor violations for city construction contracts. The council was sharply divided whereby the ordinance passed by a 4-3 final vote. The ordinance is best described by the City Council's own publication: "The Council adopted Ordinance Cal. No. 28,899, […]

How To Challenge An Unemployment Claim in Louisiana

When an employee is terminated and claims unemployment benefits in Louisiana, the claim is associated with your business' account and will affect your unemployment insurance rates in the future. It's no secret that people can abuse the unemployment benefits system. Unfortunately, the burden really falls on employers to prevent abuses. In Louisiana, unemployment claims are […]

Is The Nailed! Blog “Nailing” Companies Before A Fair Investigation?

A couple of weeks ago, we posted about a new blog out in the blogosphere that is of interest to the Washington construction industry:   Nailed! The blog is published by Washington's Department of Labor and Industries, through Carl Hammersburg, the department's Fraud Prevention and Compliance manager.  The blog focuses on fraud prevention and compliance […]

E-Verify Required in Mississippi on State and Private Projects

At the Construction Law Monitor, we've traced the history of the E-Verify requirement from President Bush's aggressive regulation to the less severe Obama one.   Along the way, there has been a lot of discourse about the federal requirements, and specifically the requirement that E-Verify get used on every federal contract, and even those contracts that […]

How To Respond To A No-Match Letter: New Avvo Legal Guide

The post-Obama E-Verify requirements have been in effect for more than 1 year already, and while the feared teeth to the Department Of Homeland Security's (DHS) "No-Match" letters were removed from the regulations, those no-match letters are still being received by employers.   Employers are still responsible for handling them with care...and unfortunately, because of the […]

Two New Washington Laws Contractors Must Know From the 2009 Legislature

As we enter it a new year, we thought it was prudent to review what the Washington legislature passed last year that is now law and affecting the construction industry. Earlier this week, we wrote about the small amendments to the Contractor Registration Act. More changes to Washington's regulatory scheme passed into law in 2009 […]

Are Your Employees Checking Email Through Mobile Devices? Are You Paying Them Overtime?

No long introduction required here.  With iPhones, Blackberrys and laptops, everyone in the 2009 workplace knows that work can follow an employee home and to vacation (ABCNews published a good overview of the issue). Recently, however, terminated employees are seeking compensation for this "overtime" work through costly litigation with high-stakes for employers across the country. […]

E-Verify Required Starting September 9, 2009. Is it Really Going to Happen?

E-Verify, a government web-based system that helps employers verify a workers legal status, has been in the news before. Originally a George W Bush executive order, E-Verify was slated to become mandatory for federal contractors beginning January 15, 2009.   The change in executive administrations and a handful of lawsuits, however, pushed the requirement back indefinitely. This week, […]