David v. Goliath – The Difficult Task of Fighting Your Insurance Company

I was recently speaking with a client about the posture of a pending case and the client was surprised to know that nearly all of the insurance companies that were originally brought into the suit had whittled their way out due to policy limitations, lack of coverage and policy exclusions. Most laymen, including contractors and […]

Warranties and Chinese Drywall

In previous posts, we have discussed the New Home Warranty Act and how it relates to Chinese Drywall damages.  However, this Act only applies to new homes. As to the thousands of post-Katrina renovations and re-models that did not involve a new structure, homeowners must find remedies against their builders elsewhere. Generally Speaking...Contractors Are Responsible […]

Times Picayune Reports that Louisiana Homeowners Turning to Builders for Chinese Drywall Recovery

On the Chinese Drywall Blog, we've frequently  forecasted that homeowners will begin bringing suit directly against their builders for Chinese Drywall recovery. This morning, the New Orleans Times Picayune reported that this is beginning to happen. The article, titled Homeowners saddled with tainted Chinese Drywall are increasingly suing local builders for damages, suggests that "Louisiana […]