What is a Construction Change Directive (CCD)?

The construction industry, just as any other industry has its own terminology or lingo. There are many examples such as "punch-list," "lien" and "substantial completion" to name a few. No words are more dreaded than change order. Construction change orders are some of the most litigated and disputed documents in all of construction law.

Sports and Construction – Lessons Learned

Growing up in South Louisiana, originally from Baton Rouge and now residing in New Orleans, I've had a really rough week being a sports fan. After LSU laid an egg in the BCS Championship game and the Saints came up seconds short in the NFL playoffs, I began to ponder, what can we learn from […]

Litigation Topics for Prime / Subcontractor Contracts

I had a speaking engagement today here in Kenner, Louisiana (a suburb of New Orleans) whereby I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of contractors and architects regarding construction contracts. The bulk of the discussion focused on the most contested provisions within construction contracts. The information is very helpful to contractors and can […]

For Louisiana Contractors Bidding on Public Works Projects: This Case is for You

For all you Louisiana public works contractors out there bidding for public works projects to expand your private business or bidding for public works projects because that’s what you’ve always done – whatever the case may be - the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals is on your side. For cities and states trying to construct […]

No Damages for Delay Clauses

Every state has its own statutes — as well as judicial decisions, or case law — to regulate the construction taking place within its borders. States can, and do, take widely divergent views on how best to deal with a variety of complex construction issues. For contractors, subcontractors, owners, or lenders intending to do business […]

Dealing With Delays During Construction

Before construction begins, everyone involved attempts to do one thing: predict the future in order to minimize the risk of unforeseen events that might delay the project's completion. Owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, sureties, financial institutions, insurers, and vendors all want the project to be done well, and done on time. Why? Because one […]