Sworn Statement of Amount Due – Louisiana’s Public Lien

Here at Wolfe Law Group, I have been blogging a lot lately on liens for both public and private projects (See other posts here). Anytime a property is owned by and arm of the state then you are dealing with a public project. Although, this seems simple, many contractors do not always see the connection. The […]

Your Mechanics Lien Resource Treasure Trove

Mechanics Liens used to be a cornerstone topic on this blog; meaning I would write an article about filings, foreclosing and/or litigating a mechanics lien quite frequently. In fact, over the years I sort of consider myself a "lien guy."  Insofar as construction law goes, mechanic lien and state or federal bond claims has sort […]

New Orleans Declares Felons Not Responsible Bidders on Public Projects and Washington Contemplating Similar Rule

Mike Purdy's Public Contracting Blog is so awesome, he got to this unique story that touts a legal link between Seattle, WA and New Orleans, LA before I could.    Before getting to the article, let me comment that if your company does public contracting work anywhere in the nation, Mike Purdy's blog is going […]

Don’t Know Who Bonded A State Or Federal Project? Just ask.

In nearly every circumstance, a general contractor on a federal or state project is required to maintain a bond for the work being performed.   These bonds protect the payment rights of subcontractors, sub-subcontractors and suppliers.    In the event any of these parties are not paid on the project, the unpaid party can typically file a […]

Scott Wolfe Contributes Guest Post on Construction Law Musings

Big thank you to our friend Christopher Hill who operates the Construction Law Musings blog for allowing me to become his blog's first three-time Guest Post Friday writer. This morning, Musing's published a blog post I wrote titled "A Lien By Any Other Name Can Sound Just As Sweet." The article provides readers with a […]

More Contractors Sought in New Orleans?

Over the weekend, the New Orleans Times Picayune had some promising news for contractors in the area, and even out-of state laborers and contractors: Over the next several months, the Army Corps of Engineers plans to advertise three dozen construction contracts that could cost upwards of $3 billion -- more than it has spent since […]