Around The Web: Housing Bubble On The Rise Again?

Back in 2008, along with major sections of the U.S. economy, the U.S. housing market tanked. This was a terrible time for home builders and most contractors in the industry. There was a ripple effect that was felt industry wide. Signs of the the rebound have been few and far between. We are now one […]

Chinese Drywall (almost) Global Settlement

Today there was a big announcement, and very positive news from the front lines of the ever controversial Chinese Drywall Multi-District Litigation (MDL). A global settlement has been agreed to in terms and will be filed with the Federal Court on December 20, 2011. For those of us working every day with Chinese Drywall claimants, […]

Common Law Analysis – Pay-if-paid, Pay-when-paid & Liquidating Agreements in Construction Contracts

In a recent decision, Sloan & Company v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company ("Sloan"), the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has an in depth discussion regarding some technical yet very important clauses found within many construction contracts between general contractor, subcontractors, owner and the surety. Although the court interprets Pennsylvania law, these concepts […]

New Legislation Could Change How Contractors File and Pay Taxes

Last week, The American Job Builders Tax Reform Act of 2011 was introduced in the house as a bi-partisan bill (sponsored by Reps. Wally Herger (R-Calif.), David McKinley (R-W.Va.) and Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.)) to update how contractors are taxed. The introduction was immediately applauded by the Associated Builders and Contractors, who claim the bill will […]

IRS Aid to Help Victims of Chinese Drywall

Just last week the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced a plan to help homeowners who have corrosive Chinese Drywall in their home with tax breaks on items that have been destroyed as a result of the Drywall. IRS website gives a good break down on the relief effort affecting repairs for drywall losses from drywall […]

How To Take Advantage Of New Retainage Laws in Louisiana

Earlier this week, we wrote about the new Retainage Law in Louisiana.   It's a remarkable change in the status quo from the perspective of general contractors, taking all retainage out the hands of the property owner and placing it into an interest earning escrow account. However, whether the law is productive for your construction company […]

Interesting Bill in Congress Imposes Prison Term for Safety Violations

I got tipped off about HB 2067, introduced by California U.S. Rep Lynn Woolsey, from   Styled the "Protecting America's Workers Act," the bill's summary explains that it would let the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforce stiffer penalties for willful safety violations that result in serious injury or death." What kind of […]

New Nationwide EPA Stormwater Effluent Guidelines Now Effective

At the end of 2009, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published effluent limitations guidelines (EGLS) and new source performance standards (NSPS) to control storm water runoff and the discharge of pollutants from construction sites. The new regulations took effect on February 1, 2010, requiring all permits issued by the EPA to incorporate the new […]

Model “Green Code” Coming This March

A draft of the International Green Construction Code (IGCC) is scheduled for release in March 2010.  Developed in partnership with the American Institute of Architects and ASTM International, and supported by the United States Green Building Council, the code is expected to perform as a "model code" for jurisdictions across the country looking to draft […]

National Building Code with Green Building Implications on Horizon?

Late in 2009, the Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. Congress in considering a national building code.   The national building code wouldn't necessarily interfere with a state or county's general building regulations, but would instead focus almost exclusively on setting national green building benchmarks. Some have celebrated the idea of a national building code […]