Home Improvement Contracting – Things Have Changed

Often times, people ask why it is referred to as the "practice of law." Quite simply, the answer is because the law is always changing. In May of this year, I wrote about potential changes that could impact the construction industry following the 2013 Session of the Louisiana Legislature. Suffice it to say, the legislature […]

In The Pipeline – Changes in Louisiana Construction Law

If there is any one constant in the legal profession, it is that the law is an ever-evolving, dynamic thing. While there are some general principles that tend to not change all that drastically over the years, the devil truly is in the details. Having to keep abreast of these changes is why you'll hear […]

California Lien Law In For A Change…

Over the past few years the California Legislature has been tinkering with its construction lien laws, both public an private. There have been numerous write-ups with commentators chiming in on whether the changes are a good thing or a bad thing. Nevertheless, many have happened and more changes are set to come shortly. As of […]

Around The Web: Housing Bubble On The Rise Again?

Back in 2008, along with major sections of the U.S. economy, the U.S. housing market tanked. This was a terrible time for home builders and most contractors in the industry. There was a ripple effect that was felt industry wide. Signs of the the rebound have been few and far between. We are now one […]

California’s Contractors State Licensing Board – Very Useful Tool

The Wolfe Law Group, LLC (WLG), has two attorneys (Scott G. Wolfe, Jr., and Seth J. Smiley) that are barred in the state of California. As a California attorney, I want to share some of the excellent resources available to contractors through the licensing board. California has over 300,000 licensed contractors, all of which had […]

Is Obama’s “Better Buildings” Initiative Real or Rhetoric?

Earlier this month President Obama unveiled an initiative to make buildings more energy efficient in America. The Wall Street Journal simply summarized the President's goals and rationale with the following: [The program will provide] tax breaks and other proposal aimed at getting commerical-building owners to retrofit their structures to be more energy efficient, an initiate […]

New Mississippi Resident Preference Law Is Important for Louisiana Contractors Crossing Border

Earlier this year, Mississippi passed into law Senate Bill 2370, amending the resident preference statute for Mississippi public works projects:  Miss. Code Ann. § 31-3-21(3).   The bill is extremely important to Louisiana contractors who do (are want to do) business on public projects in Mississippi.  If you fail to abide, you're bid will be considered […]

Did You Notice the Amendments to Washington’s Contractor Registration Act?

Now that 2009 has drawn to a close, we have decided to review some movement in the Washington Legislature last year as it affects the construction industry.   Later this week, we'll write about two new laws, one about workers compensation insurance enforcement, and the other about the definition of an "independent contractor" on prevailing wage […]

The 2007 Edition of the AIA A201 and Important Revisions – Signer Beware

In October 2007, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) released the 2007 edition of its Family of Contract Documents for the construction industry; undoubtedly, the most popular set of documents in the market. The documents are clearly the leader in the industry and have been court-tested for nearly 100 years. While a number of changes […]