Ignorance of Law Can Cost You Debarment on Federal and State Construction Projects

I recently came across an interesting blog post on Mike Purdy’s Public Contracting Blog that includes a report by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries releasing an updated list of debarred contractors in Washington.  The post itself highlights the hugely important issue of contractor debarment that every state or federal contractor should be […]

Why An US Department Of Labor Investigation Can Ruin Your Year

Over the past few years, state and federal construction projects have been the bread and butter for the struggling construction industry. These projects are largely prevailing wage projects, and unfortunately, many contractors and subcontractors found themselves trying to understand compliance with these regulations for the first time. At the same time, federal budget challenges and […]

3 Legal Concepts That Are Counter-Intuitive…and Dangerous

Sometimes the best blog posts and legal articles are the simplest.   Take, for example, a post from early October by Joshua Glazov on his Construction Law Today blog, where he simply cites a 1941 quote from US Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson: The legal profession, like many another, tends to become over-professionalized.  We forget that […]

Bill Proposes Extending Reach of Prevailing Wage Laws in Washington

In the current economy, the construction industry finds itself relying very heavily on public works projects.   It seems that even those projects not classified as a true public works is still relying on some sort of public funding, loan or credit. And this is why contractors should be take note of HB 1992 in […]

Two New Washington Laws Contractors Must Know From the 2009 Legislature

As we enter it a new year, we thought it was prudent to review what the Washington legislature passed last year that is now law and affecting the construction industry. Earlier this week, we wrote about the small amendments to the Contractor Registration Act. More changes to Washington's regulatory scheme passed into law in 2009 […]