Interesting Bill in Congress Imposes Prison Term for Safety Violations

I got tipped off about HB 2067, introduced by California U.S. Rep Lynn Woolsey, from   Styled the "Protecting America's Workers Act," the bill's summary explains that it would let the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforce stiffer penalties for willful safety violations that result in serious injury or death." What kind of […]

Are Washington Cranes and Crane Operators Ready for New Regulations Starting in 2010?

Most in the Pacific Northwest should remember the 2006 crane collapse in Bellevue, WA that killed a Microsoft employee.   What many might not know is that in response to the collapse, the 2007 Washington State Legislature increased the state's regulation of cranes and crane operators.    Compared to other states, the Washington regulations are quite […]

Construction Accidents Happen Everyday…

I've recently set up certain Google Alerts and subscribed to a few RSS feeds that provide updates regarding construction safety standards, issues and problems. Most surprising about the information being distributed is just how often construction accidents happen. Just last week, I was alerted to an incident in Atlanta where a pedestrian bridge under construction […]

Seattle Construction Attorneys with Post-Katrina Experience Issue Top Ten Ways to Avoid Scams

Wolfe Law Group, a construction boutique firm on First Avenue in SoDo, can offer something special to the residents of Western Washington in the aftermath of its devastating floods: post-disaster legal experience. Prior to opening its doors in Seattle earlier this year, the firm practiced exclusively out of its New Orleans office, and weathered the […]