An Owner’s Perspective on Liens

We frequently post about construction liens from a contractor's perspective - who are clearly interested in figuring out ways to qualify for the filing of a lien. What we rarely comment upon is an owner's perspective, who are concerned with the opposite:  figuring out ways to condemn a lien as improperly filed. It's important for […]

Caution: Lien Laws in are Hyper-Technical

In most states, the liens laws are hyper-technical.   This means that the laws have many requirements, and that courts strictly construe the rules against the party filing construction liens. This is true for nearly every state. While laws across the nation provide lien rights to those in the construction industry, because of the power […]

Will the 2009 Economy Create More Mechanic Lien Filings?

At the Construction Lien Blog, we've written about the current state of the economy in America, and how this has affected the construction industry from coast-to-coast. However, there is recent conversation in the media and out in the blog-o-sphere that the economy's impact on construction has increased the amount of mechanic's liens filed by contractors. […]

Be Careful When Using Free Legal Forms

Gerard Simington with “” published an informative article that warns businesses about using free legal forms found on the internet. The Internet has placed legal information and legal forms at our fingertips – and its easy to forget sometimes that the law is a very complicated subject, and legal forms are no exception.  While a […]

Identifying Property in a Mechanics Lien

This article originally appeared at Wolfe Law Group's blog,, and is reproduced here with permission. ******* When filing a mechanic's lien on a construction project, it is of course critical to identify the property within your lien. While a seemingly simple task, the laws in nearly every state are very specific about how property […]

So What Is A Mechanic’s Lien?

The "construction lien" goes by many names in the United States: Claim of Lien, Statement of Claim or Privilege, Mechanics Lien, and more. And while the name and technicalities are different from state-to-state, construction liens generally operate similarly across the nation. So what exactly is a mechanic's lien? When you run a Google search for […]

The Effectiveness and Strength of Construction Liens

Andrea Goldman, a construction attorney in Massachusetts, recently placed an interesting post about the strengths of construction liens on her blog, "Home Contractor vs. Homeowner." While the article specifically discusses mechanic's liens in Massachusetts, the points ring true about liens across the United States: Liens are less costly than filing suit; Liens are a very effective […]

Why Lien?

Dear Contractor/Subcontractor/Supplier: There are some customers or prime contractors who will not pay you after a significant amount of work, labor, services and materials have been invested into performing a job. The founder of Zlien's father and grandfather were both general contractors in New Orleans, LA, so we know your frustration. The best way to […]