How To Challenge An Unemployment Claim in Louisiana

When an employee is terminated and claims unemployment benefits in Louisiana, the claim is associated with your business' account and will affect your unemployment insurance rates in the future. It's no secret that people can abuse the unemployment benefits system. Unfortunately, the burden really falls on employers to prevent abuses. In Louisiana, unemployment claims are […]

How To Take Advantage Of New Retainage Laws in Louisiana

Earlier this week, we wrote about the new Retainage Law in Louisiana.   It's a remarkable change in the status quo from the perspective of general contractors, taking all retainage out the hands of the property owner and placing it into an interest earning escrow account. However, whether the law is productive for your construction company […]

Celebrating Our 5th Year Blogging – Simplified Look and Free Construction Resources

Happy Birthday to Wolfe Law Group's construction law blog, the Construction Law Monitor.    To celebrate, we've made things a lot better on our site. We're now in our 5th year of blogging about construction law issues that matter to contractors, subcontractors and suppliers across the country...and all of our postings and tagging has transformed […]

Great Avvo Legal Guide Available With Information on Florida Lien Laws

Florida attorney Neal Ian Sklar just this week published a really informative Legal Guide about Florida Construction Liens over at the lawyer rating website, The guide starts out by identifying the "dual purpose" of Florida's construction lien statutes. While the author is speaking about Florida law only, the "dual purpose" breakdown is really applicable […]

Step-By-Step Guide to Filing Miller Act Claims at

In today's economic climate, even contractors who typically work on private projects are testing the waters with federal and state construction works.  And unfortunately, these newcomers are finding themselves a bit lost in procedures when it comes time to get paid. In the event a federal project (or GC on a federal project) goes sour, contractors […]

Avvo Legal Guides on Oregon and Louisiana Liens Published

Want a step-by-step guide on how to file construction or mechanic liens in Louisiana or Oregon?   Your call has been answered this weekend with the publication of Avvo Legal Guides on both these subjects, which you can view here: How to File a Construction Lien in Oregon How to File a Construction Lien in Louisiana […]

How to Challenge an Improperly Filed Construction Lien

Scott Wolfe, a construction attorney in Louisiana, Washington & Oregon, and he recently published two legal guides on the attorney rating website,   The two articles discuss how to dispute a construction lien in Louisiana and Washington state. Here are links to the articles: How To Dispute A Construction Lien in Louisiana How To Dispute […]