IRS Aid to Help Victims of Chinese Drywall

Just last week the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced a plan to help homeowners who have corrosive Chinese Drywall in their home with tax breaks on items that have been destroyed as a result of the Drywall. IRS website gives a good break down on the relief effort affecting repairs for drywall losses from drywall […]

Great Resources on Louisiana Construction Law

I spent a great deal of time over the past five years working hard to provide the Louisiana building industry with a comprehensive construction law resource.   The by-products of that work is this blog, along with our topic and location specific blogs:  Louisiana Construction Law Blog, the Louisiana Green Building Law Blog, and the Chinese […]

Analyzing Orleans Parish Decision Striking Homeowners Insurance Co.’s Affirmative Defenses

Last week, it was widely reported that Orleans Parish Judge Medley issued a ruling striking certain policy exclusions relied upon by a home insurer in denying a Chinese Drywall claim. We posted about the news on our blogs as well. Since then, the plaintiff's motion and the judge's actual order has circulated through news agencies […]

CPSC Stiff Recommendations Positive Development for Homeowner Claims

While the country waited for federal Judge Fallon to issue his ruling concerning the remediation requirements in homes with Chinese Drywall, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission released a report of its own calling for applicable homes to remediate the problem by removing and replacing all drywall, fire alarm equipment, sprinkler systems, electrical equipment, wiring […]

Orleans Parish Judge Says Insurance On The Hook for Chinese Drywall

In the past, we've discussed whether homeowner insurance policies will be liable for Chinese Drywall damages.   This week, Judge Medley in Orleans Parish Civil District Court gave Louisiana it's first answer holding that the exclusions relied upon by the Defendant insurance companies didn't make the cut. Of course, the Defendant insurance company (Audubon Insurance […]

Will Your Insurance Company Cover Illnesses Associated With Chinese Drywall?

This article was written by Chris Wilson. Thousands of people across the country have purchased new homes that contain Chinese Drywall. Unfortunately, the result has been devastating financial and health problems. People living with Chinese drywall have had a number of health effects such as breathing difficulties, coughing, acne, asthma attacks, bloody nose, dizziness, irritated […]

Progress towards LRA Grants for Drywall Victims…But We’re Not There Yet

Those living with Chinese Drywall in Louisiana received good news today about the Louisiana Recovery Authority's efforts to grant them financial relief.   While the news is good, the program is not complete and the funds aren't quite ready to be distributed. A few weeks ago, the Louisiana Recovery Authority set aside $5 million for Chinese […]

How Bad Are The Damages…And What Does That Mean Legally?

Chinese Drywall talk is riddled with hearsay. Is it or is it not bad for your health?   Must the drywall be replaced completely, or can a filtration system solve the problem?   Will the corrosive elements cross-contaminate into other components of the home, or is it isolated in the drywall only? These questions certainly have practical […]

Does Chinese Drywall Affect My Obligation To Pay My Mortgage?

Many folks with Chinese Drywall (clients and non-clients) have contacted our offices with this inquiry.   The logic makes sense:  If the mortgage on a property is x, and the value of the property has since dropped below x because of Chinese Drywall, is there some room for "a break" from the mortgage company? Legally?   Not […]

Louisiana Landlord / Tenant Law and Chinese Drywall

Not all victims of Chinese Drywall are homeowners.   Oftentimes, a tenant is living at a property with Chinese Drywall, or a property owner is a landlord to an apartment or home with Chinese Drywall. Take, for example, a news story from the Baton Rouge's Advocate about a tenant who was forced to move out of […]