Survey Of Immigration Law Changes Published on Construction Law Musings – Thanks!

Thanks to my friend Chris Hill and his Construction Law Musings for allowing me to publish a guest post on this blog this morning survey the nation's changing immigration laws. The post titled "The Landscape of US Immigration Laws and How It Affects The Construction Industry," reviews the states that have and are considering immigration […]

Changes To ConsensusDocs Come 2 Years Early

Engineering News Record (ENR) (among other publications, including my good friend Chris Hill's Construction Law Musings Blog) recently reported that the construction contract documents published by ConsensusDOCS were substantially updated. The update comes just a little over three years since the launch of the ConsensusDOCS program, which is a collaboration of organizations who publish a […]

Things To Keep In Mind When Entering a Green Building Contract

Last week, we published an article identifying some Things That Can Go Wrong On A Green Building Project.    To prepare for these potential problems (and others), here is a list of things you should keep in mind when contracting for a green building project: 1)    Define Things: Terms like ‘sustainability,’ ‘green certification’ and ‘high performance […]

Presenting At Green Legal Matters This Week in New Orleans

Here is a truth:  Green Building is not a fad. Between 2005 and 2008, the Green Building Construction industry has grown by 500%, from a $10 billion industry to a $49b industry.   McGraw-Hill Trends Driving Change Report's Green Outlook 2009 predicts the industry tripling between now and 2013, to a $140b market. If you're in […]

Guest Post on Musings on Avoiding Residential Construction Disputes

A big thanks to Christopher Hill (@constructionlaw) for inviting me to guest post on his Construction Law Musings blog for the fourth time. The post discussed how to "Prepare For and Avoid Residential Construction Disputes," and looked at the issue from the perspective of both the homeowner and the residential contractor.  Here is a tease: […]

Why Compromise is Sometimes Better Than A Construction Dispute

Over the past two weeks, my construction law blogging buddies over in Virginia published two blog posts that largely draw the same conclusion:   a compromise is sometimes better than a fight.    As an attorney, I know that disputes are oftentimes unavoidable, but attorneys and litigants should think long and hard about compromises whenever […]

Speaking At 1st Annual Green Legal Matters Conference in New Orleans

Green Legal Matters is a national symposium aimed to bring together the best and brightest legal minds to discuss opportunities presented by the green movement, and the legal challenges it presented for folks in the industry.   The conference producers promise a very full 2 days of keynotes, panels and presentations from subject matter experts. […]

Christopher Hill Launches Great Resource for Virginia Mechanic Liens

Our friend at Construction Law Musings, Virginia construction attorney Christopher Hill, just add a really great resource to his top-notch construction law blog for those interested in construction liens.   A Mechanic's Lien Page. Before the lien page, Musings was already a great source of  information on Virginia lien laws.   The new page really organizes that […]

Scott Wolfe Contributes Guest Post on Construction Law Musings

Big thank you to our friend Christopher Hill who operates the Construction Law Musings blog for allowing me to become his blog's first three-time Guest Post Friday writer. This morning, Musing's published a blog post I wrote titled "A Lien By Any Other Name Can Sound Just As Sweet." The article provides readers with a […]

Open Accounts and Mechanics Liens

The following post was written by a guest contributor to the Construction Lien Blog, Christopher Hill.    Chris a construction attorney in the state of Virginia, leading the construction practice group at Durrette Bradshaw.  He publishes a construction law blog titled "Construction Law Musings."   [Chris' profile at Construction Lien Blog] Scott Wolfe, one of the contributors […]