Slow Moving Hurricane Isaac

As Hurricane Isaac plowed into South Louisiana it decided that it wanted to hang around for a while. Currently the center is just above Baton Rouge, La and has been moving at 6mph all day. Essentially the City of New Orleans has been dealing with 40mph + sustained winds for the past twenty-four hours. The […]

Construction Lien Removal Suit in Louisiana

Attention all home owners or property owners, there is only one surefire way to have that annoying illegal lien (in Louisiana called a statement of claim and privilege) removed from the title of your property, a Mandamus action. In Louisiana and other states, a Mandamus can be used for a number of things (listed out […]

IRS Aid to Help Victims of Chinese Drywall

Just last week the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced a plan to help homeowners who have corrosive Chinese Drywall in their home with tax breaks on items that have been destroyed as a result of the Drywall. IRS website gives a good break down on the relief effort affecting repairs for drywall losses from drywall […]

Construction Outlook Grim through 2010 – Staying Ahead of Accounts Receivables To Retain Its Importance

Ken Simonson, the chief economist for the Associated General Contractors of America, doesn't have good news for the construction industry as the challenging year 2009 drags into its 3rd Quarter. According to Simonson, the commercial construction industry forecast remains grim "at least through 2010." For contractors, suppliers, and other construction professionals throughout the nation, this […]

Analyzing Choices Before All Parties Related to Chinese Drywall Claims

Wolfe Law Group's general construction law blog, the Construction Law Monitor, published three articles over the past two weeks that analyzed the choices faced by builders, homeowners and construction attorneys involved with Chinese Drywall claims. The three-part series of articles provides these parties with a useful discussion of the decisions that must be confronted as […]

Green Building and Risk Management

Just recently, the U.S. Green Building Council published an update to its readers explaining Risk Management issues to its readers, explaining that while green building is growing even in the current U.S. Economy, it presents unknowns that makes it difficult for the industry and insurance underwriters to manage risks. Here is a snippet: Underwriting insurance […]

Construction Accidents Happen Everyday…

I've recently set up certain Google Alerts and subscribed to a few RSS feeds that provide updates regarding construction safety standards, issues and problems. Most surprising about the information being distributed is just how often construction accidents happen. Just last week, I was alerted to an incident in Atlanta where a pedestrian bridge under construction […]

Credit Meltdown Squeezing Contractors – Lien To Protect Your Rights

The Associated General Contractors organization just published an article titled "Credit Meltdown Market Squeezes Contractors," reporting how the recent economic problems in the U.S. are greatly effecting those in the construction industry.The article discusses the upheaval on Wall Street, and how its stopping construction projects all over the country. You can read the article at […]