Survey Of Immigration Law Changes Published on Construction Law Musings – Thanks!

Thanks to my friend Chris Hill and his Construction Law Musings for allowing me to publish a guest post on this blog this morning survey the nation's changing immigration laws. The post titled "The Landscape of US Immigration Laws and How It Affects The Construction Industry," reviews the states that have and are considering immigration […]

The US Supreme Court’s AZ Immigration Decision Could Spell Trouble For The Construction Industry

By now you're heard the news that the United States Supreme Court has upheld the controversial Arizona immigration law allowing states to shut down businesses that hire illegal workers. A pointed summary of law's effects is found in the above-linked WSJ article: The Legal Arizona Workers Act requires employers to use a federal system called […]

More Federal Contracts For Small Businesses – How To Capitalize just published an article indicating that there is "good news and bad news when it comes to small businesses and government contracting." The good news is that According to the SBA’s fourth annual small business Procurement Scorecard, small businesses got a record number of federal contracting dollars in 2009.   But the bad news is […]

E-Verify Required in Mississippi on State and Private Projects

At the Construction Law Monitor, we've traced the history of the E-Verify requirement from President Bush's aggressive regulation to the less severe Obama one.   Along the way, there has been a lot of discourse about the federal requirements, and specifically the requirement that E-Verify get used on every federal contract, and even those contracts that […]

How To Respond To A No-Match Letter: New Avvo Legal Guide

The post-Obama E-Verify requirements have been in effect for more than 1 year already, and while the feared teeth to the Department Of Homeland Security's (DHS) "No-Match" letters were removed from the regulations, those no-match letters are still being received by employers.   Employers are still responsible for handling them with care...and unfortunately, because of the […]

E-Verify Required Starting September 9, 2009. Is it Really Going to Happen?

E-Verify, a government web-based system that helps employers verify a workers legal status, has been in the news before. Originally a George W Bush executive order, E-Verify was slated to become mandatory for federal contractors beginning January 15, 2009.   The change in executive administrations and a handful of lawsuits, however, pushed the requirement back indefinitely. This week, […]

E-Verify Not Required, but Still in the News

The federal E-Verify program has been a hot immigration topic throughout the past year.   The internet-based hiring tool operated by the SSA and Department of Homeland Security simply allows employers to verify the SSN used by employees.  For the time being, the e-verify program is used by employers on a voluntary basis, but its use has […]

Big Brother Increasing Immigration Pressure on Contractors

At the end of 2007, the regulatory buzz around the construction industry regarded the controversial "No-Match" letters imposing steep fiscal penalties for employers who knowingly employed illegal workers. As reported on our blog back then, the controversy led to litigation, which led to delay, which eventually led to the entire controversy pretty much blowing over. […]