Construction Lien Removal Suit in Louisiana

Attention all home owners or property owners, there is only one surefire way to have that annoying illegal lien (in Louisiana called a statement of claim and privilege) removed from the title of your property, a Mandamus action. In Louisiana and other states, a Mandamus can be used for a number of things (listed out […]

Filing Mistake Invalidates $12.4 Million Mechanics Lien

Mechanic lien laws are highly technical, and they frequently change in unpredictable ways (see recent controversial example from Washington). We've expressed the sentiment a hundred times on this mechanics lien blog - it's very easy to make a common lien mistake. Unfortunately for JE Dunn Construction Co., it seems someone may have really dropped the […]

What Happens After You File A Mechanics Lien

So, you fulfilled all of your notice requirements and you filed your mechanics lien on time. The other party still hasn’t made payment, and you begin to wonder…now what? Why Mechanics Liens Work First, before discussing what happens after the lien is filed, let me first address why mechanics liens are effective ways to collect […]

A Catch-22: Pay When Paid Clauses Do Not Extend the Lien Period

If you search "Pay When Paid Clauses" in Google, you're going to get a lot of results that say a lot different things. This contractual provision - used in almost every general / sub construction contract - is perhaps one of the most confusing or misunderstood provisions out there. We recently blogged about the dangers […]

Liens Make Your Payment Problem the Entire Project’s Biggest Problem

When you don't get paid on a construction project, that is a big problem for you and your company. But, is it a big problem for the entire construction project? Not likely. So, how do you make your problem an important problem to the other players working on a construction job? With a mechanic's lien, […]

Great Avvo Legal Guide Available With Information on Florida Lien Laws

Florida attorney Neal Ian Sklar just this week published a really informative Legal Guide about Florida Construction Liens over at the lawyer rating website, The guide starts out by identifying the "dual purpose" of Florida's construction lien statutes. While the author is speaking about Florida law only, the "dual purpose" breakdown is really applicable […]

Lien on Property or Lien on Funds? It’s Two Different Collection Tools

Liens are one of the most powerful collection tools available to workers in the construction industry. Mechanics Liens are inexpensive and hard-hitting, and perhaps one of the most effective ways to collect on non-paying projects. A properly filed construction lien can affect a property’s title, entangles multiple parties to your dispute, and helps get you […]

How To Cancel a Washington Lien

Every state has strict regulations about how a construction lien may be filed. Oftentimes, however, the cancellation of a construction lien may be more difficult than its filing. In most states, a "lien release" or "certificate of cancellation" must be filed with the recorder where the lien was filed, and these releases are typically required […]