Great Avvo Legal Guide Available With Information on Florida Lien Laws

Florida attorney Neal Ian Sklar just this week published a really informative Legal Guide about Florida Construction Liens over at the lawyer rating website, The guide starts out by identifying the "dual purpose" of Florida's construction lien statutes. While the author is speaking about Florida law only, the "dual purpose" breakdown is really applicable […]

Making Money Off Chinese Drywall – Know the Legal Risks and Contact Counsel

Once the Chinese Drywall story began dominating news in the construction industry, attorneys, contractors, scientist and inspection outfits naturally looked to cash in on the crisis. The rush to capitalize on the new demand for drywall inspections and replacement lead Florida's Palm Beach Post to headline one of its articles on the topic "There's gold […]

Homeowner Sues Their Homeowners Insurer for Chinese Drywall Defects

On the Chinese Drywall Blog, we've talked about class action suits, individual suits against builders and suppliers, suits by builders against its suppliers, and other similar actions. However, in Florida, one couple seeks to hold another party liable for their Chinese Drywall damages:  their own homeowners insurer. The claim makes a great deal of sense, […]