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Model Disclosure Statement Required in Washington To Protect Lien Rights When Contracting With Owner

Ask yourself these three questions:

1)     Are you a contractor of any sort?

2)     Did you or do you contract directly with the property owner on any construction project(s)?

3)     Is the residential project’s contract more than $1,000.00, or commercial project’s contract less than $60,000.00?

If you answered yes to these three questions, pay very close attention here.   You must deliver a Model Disclosure Statement to the property owner before beginning work.

The Model Disclosure Statement is furnished to contractors by the Washington Department of Labor and Industries.   It’s very, very easy to fill-out.

You must furnish the form to the property owner, have the property owner sign it, and keep a copy of the signed form in your files for a “minimum of three years.”

If you fail to do this, not only do you lose the right to file any mechanics lien on the project, but you can also be fined by the Labor & Industries, and may be in violation of Consumer Protection laws.

Unfortunately, too few contractors in the State of Washington are aware of this requirement.   If you do business directly with property owners, get your hands on this form and present it to the owner at the beginning of every project.

Download the form from the Labor and Industries by Clicking Here.

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Avvo Legal Guides on Oregon and Louisiana Liens Published

Want a step-by-step guide on how to file construction or mechanic liens in Louisiana or Oregon?   Your call has been answered this weekend with the publication of Avvo Legal Guides on both these subjects, which you can view here:

How to File a Construction Lien in Oregon

How to File a Construction Lien in Louisiana

These two legal guides offer plain english explanations on how to prepare and file a construction lien in either of these states.

The two above-listed legal guides were written and published by Scott Wolfe Jr., the founding attorney of Wolfe Law Group.  He previously published a similar legal article on about filing construction liens in Washington, which you can read here.

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