Is Failure To Achieve LEED Certification Consequential Damages?

The LEED Certification process can be quite complex.   It takes months after a project's completion to get the paperwork process, the paperwork itself can be a heafty stack, and that's not even taking into account the complicated points framework, the certification gray-areas, the de-certification process and more.... (Want a good discussion of all these frustrating […]

Talking about DC’s Green Building Act with Chris Cheatham – From SuretyBonds.Com

Green building continues to gain momentum nationwide. But developments surrounding a landmark piece of green legislation continue to have major implications for communities across the country. At issue is Washington D.C.'s Green Building Act, which passed in 2006. The law requires builders in the nation's capital to meet new energy efficiency standards by 2012. But […]

Washington Bill Ties Sales Tax Deferrals to LEED Standards

Thanks to the Beer With A Construction Lawyer blog for pointing out a new bill in the Washington State Legislature that has green building implications.    The bill is sponsored by Senators Kastama, Rockefeller, and Ranker. The bill, if passed, would offer very aggressive tax incentives to projects that meet LEED certification standards.   Here is the […]

Green Building Regulations: Can the LEED Rating System become law?

There is a growing debate on whether or not legislatures should seek to codify and incorporate provisions of the LEED rating system into state and local law. The debate is now hitting the blogosphere. One of our favorites, Chris Cheatham, over at the Green Building Law Update has theorized that there are three simple reasons […]

As Green Building Grows…Green Litigation Becomes More Likely

This weekend in New Orleans, the American Bar Association's Construction Forum is holding a national legal conference focused entirely on the green building industry. The forum is entitled "Talking Green Blues," and attorneys from across the nation are convening to talk about the legal challenges facing the construction industry in light of the explosion of […]