Washington Legislation Wants to Define “Green” Homes

My wife and I were looking for condominiums in the Seattle area a few years ago, and every place we inspected marketed themselves as "green built."   Being a LEEP AP, I asked a few questions about what the label meant.   Most of the time, it meant nothing. That's precisely what a new bill […]

Green Building Presents Legal Risks, But Shouldn’t Stop Builders

GreenBuildingElements.com recently posted a blog titled "Are There Any Risks in Building Green?"   The post mentions a survey conducted by the Marsh Green Building Team finding two things that play into builders’ reluctance to construct green projects: financial concerns and legal concerns. Examining the Legal Risks We'll talk about the legal concerns (& have in […]

Budgets, Changes Orders and A Green Building Project

If you were to survey green building critics, it's safe to guess most will argue that the cost to build green do not outweigh the benefits. Indeed, many have suggested that the cost of building green (especially gaining LEED certification) is significantly higher than building to ordinary standards.   Others argue that LEED certification can be […]

Painting Your Roof White Saves Energy? Contractors Should Be Careful with Green Promises.

Anyone familiar with green building or the LEED Certification process should know that great emphasis is placed on the reflectivity of open spaces. Under LEED Credit SS 7.1, for example, parking lots and open spaces must have a reflectivity (SRI) of at least 29 to qualify for credit. Similar, roof installations must contain a percentage […]

Hey Builders – Greenwashing is More than a Consumer Problem

Around Southeast Louisiana, the green craze is in full swing.  With Global Green's Green Building Directory (with 400 "green" vendors), press from the Make It Right Foundation, and a host of other things contributing to the green momentum in the area....we asked the question last week:  How much of it all is Greenwashing? The Greenwashing […]

Earth Day Weekend In New Orleans Riddled Green Claims – But Is It Greenwashing?

There seems to be an unusual level of "green" activity in the New Orleans area this weekend, and with a particular focus on green building. These events build on the Green Building momentum in Louisiana, in addition to recent national news that there's a possible silver lining to Hurricane Katrina in that the New Orleans […]