Slow Moving Hurricane Isaac

As Hurricane Isaac plowed into South Louisiana it decided that it wanted to hang around for a while. Currently the center is just above Baton Rouge, La and has been moving at 6mph all day. Essentially the City of New Orleans has been dealing with 40mph + sustained winds for the past twenty-four hours. The […]

Hurricane Isaac – Are You Prepared

This week New Orleans and south Louisiana are preparing for Hurricane Isaac to have an impact on the region. With these type of events come an aftermath where property owners and contractors are left scrambling to put the pieces back together. The best way to quell the negative effects of an event like this is […]

Tropical Storm Lee – Prepare for Insurance Claims

Contractors and property owners should be very knowledgable of the claims process after a natural disaster. Over the Labor Day weekend the New Orleans metro area, along with southern Louisiana experienced high winds and double-digit rainfall totals due to Tropical Storm Lee. Contractors who have equipment, property and unfinished work need to report any flood, […]

What Builders Need to Know About Hurricanes

HGTV Pro has a Hurricane data center on their website. Essentially, the website provides a wealth of information (including informational articles and videos) about what builders need to know about preparing their job sites for the hurricane season. Contractors and property owners alike will find the information useful. The data center also provides information about […]

Gustav’s Aftermath: Insurance Disputes (A Three Part Series)

This is part of a three part series about Gustav's legal aftermath, including a discussion on (1) insurance disputes; (2) increased construction demand; and (3) the risk of fraud. With Hurricane Gustav just a few miles off the Louisiana coast and two million Southeast Louisiana residents spread across the country, there are many questions. There […]

Do You Have Less Insurance Post-Gustav?

In the coming weeks and months, businesses, construction companies and homeowners alike may become frustrated with insurance companies, according to an article and study by the New Orleans Times Picayune. As a result of post-Katrina endorsements and creative policy structuring, some fear that insurance coverage may be more scarce than in 2005. According to, […]