Model Disclosure Statement Required in Washington To Protect Lien Rights When Contracting With Owner

Ask yourself these three questions: 1)     Are you a contractor of any sort? 2)     Did you or do you contract directly with the property owner on any construction project(s)? 3)     Is the residential project’s contract more than $1,000.00, or commercial project’s contract less than $60,000.00? If you answered yes to these three questions, pay very […]

Two New Washington Laws Contractors Must Know From the 2009 Legislature

As we enter it a new year, we thought it was prudent to review what the Washington legislature passed last year that is now law and affecting the construction industry. Earlier this week, we wrote about the small amendments to the Contractor Registration Act. More changes to Washington's regulatory scheme passed into law in 2009 […]

Did You Notice the Amendments to Washington’s Contractor Registration Act?

Now that 2009 has drawn to a close, we have decided to review some movement in the Washington Legislature last year as it affects the construction industry.   Later this week, we'll write about two new laws, one about workers compensation insurance enforcement, and the other about the definition of an "independent contractor" on prevailing wage […]

Are Washington Cranes and Crane Operators Ready for New Regulations Starting in 2010?

Most in the Pacific Northwest should remember the 2006 crane collapse in Bellevue, WA that killed a Microsoft employee.   What many might not know is that in response to the collapse, the 2007 Washington State Legislature increased the state's regulation of cranes and crane operators.    Compared to other states, the Washington regulations are quite […]