Louisiana Litigation Strategy: Offer of Judgment

When litigating in Louisiana, both in State and Federal court there are some interesting tools that can be deployed by both sides of the dispute in order to encourage settlement. The Louisiana version of this codification is more robust than the Federal one, but both are appropriate for discussion in this post. Federal Rule of […]

Missed Your Lien Deadline – What Now?

True: ¬†deadlines dictate when it comes to securing your lien rights. False: missing a deadline precludes you from ever recovering the money you are owed. In the construction world, there is no doubt that the deadlines for securing your lien rights are rigid and unforgiving. If you have not filed your lien by the applicable […]

Eviction – Get Out Of My Property!

Here in Louisiana as is the case in many states there is no "self-help" with regard to Landlords evicting an unworthy, lease breaching tenant. Evictions can be a prickly subject and even more difficult when you have a tenant who will simply not vacate the property. When it comes to commercial property and leases, there […]

A Survey of Green Building Litigation – What Can We Learn

Over the past few weeks, Wolfe Law Group has discussed the concept of Green Building to its readers. It's quite clear from these posts that Green Building is a growing phenomenon in the United States construction industry. McGraw Hill reports that green building will triple in the next five (5) years, and there's no sign […]

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Why, When & How (3-part series)

This article is part of a three part series titled "Alternative Dispute Resolution - Why, When & How." To read the other parts in this series, or to read more articles about ADR, navigate to the Wolfe Law Group ADR page here: ADR. In the world of construction, litigation is perhaps unavoidable. The complications and […]

A Cure for Construction Litigation: Proactive Thinking Before You Get Started

Litigation is a frightening word to many yet to others it is seemingly unknown. The world of construction litigation has become massively entwined with confusion as to goals, limits, and the expectations of a litigant. Attorneys are often unable to properly advise a potential client as to the presumed costs and lengths of a legal […]

Bidding Errors and Change Orders – Avoiding a Nightmare: Part Two

Bidding Errors and Change Orders - Avoiding a Nightmare: Part Two Every construction project will undergo change during its evolution from conception to completion. Without respect for this inevitability, disputes understandably arise between owners, architects, and contractors. Fights over who is responsible for project changes, as well as who bears the burden of any increased […]