What is PACE Financing and Is It Doomed?

Started in the green revolution's holy land, Berkley, California, PACE financing is shorthand for Property-Assessed Clean Energy Financing (Wikipedia entry). The concept is simple:  cities loan money to property owners to install clean energy equipment.   The loans are then repaid to the city through annual property tax assessments. As originally conceived, it's a win/win/win situation […]

Think Green Building Is Irrelevant? Think Again

Green, green, green, green, green, green. The word gets used so much (see: Greenwashing). Geesh, even companies are changing their logos to green to cash in on the popularity. Still, despite the PR, many in the construction sector wonder: Does anyone actually build green? A report from NPR suggests that they certainly do, reporting that […]

Solar Power is Big, and So are Louisiana Tax Credits for Solar Power

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has recently indicated that it expects solar power to generate between 20-25% of electricity production for the entire world by 2050. What does this mean? This is a potentially HUGE market. Folks in Louisiana like to mock their state as being backwards and corrupt. Without commenting on that, I can […]

New Orleans is A Solar America City: Take Advantage Of It

The U.S. Department of Energy has a "Solar America Cities" program, whereby it works in partnership with U.S. cities to accelerate the adoption of solar energy technologies for a cleaner, more secure energy future.  There are 25 major U.S. cities on the list, and New Orleans is one of them. If you're in or around […]

Model “Green Code” Coming This March

A draft of the International Green Construction Code (IGCC) is scheduled for release in March 2010.  Developed in partnership with the American Institute of Architects and ASTM International, and supported by the United States Green Building Council, the code is expected to perform as a "model code" for jurisdictions across the country looking to draft […]

New Orleans Awarded Grant to Expand Streetcar Line

The U.S. Department of Transportation awarded TIGER Grants last week to cities across the country, funding projects that "foster job creation, show strong economic benefits, and promote communities that are safer, cleaner and more livable."    New Orleans shared in the pie of funding, getting a $45 million grant to pay the full cost of […]

Mayor Mitch Landrieu May Help New Orleans Get Greener

Earlier this year, I attended a seminar promoted by the Louisiana Chapter of the USGBC with guest speaker John Moore from the New Orleans Office of Environmental Affairs.    Under the Nagin administration, this office has taken a bit of a beating, getting separeted and consolidated from other departments so often...they haven't even had time […]

Is New Orleans Non-Sustainable?

The New Orleans Times Picayune reported that a group of scientist have written to Gov. Bobby Jindal urging him to take greenhouse gases more seriously.  The group linked the state's eroding coastline with greenhouse gases produced by the state's industries, aruging that if something isn't done soon, much of New Orleans will erode away. This […]

Uh-Oh: I Made A LEED Mistake And Don’t Know What To Do

LEED projects are hotter than ever, especially with the amount of public works projects being funded by the Stimulus package. As more and more LEED projects get underway, more and more mistakes occur. Unfortunately, mistakes all too often lead to disputes and litigation. I Don't Get It? LEED What? Here is the readers digest explanation […]

Can Cat’s ‘Hybrid’ Dozer Save You or Your Project Money?

You've heard all the praise about hybrid vehicles over the past 12-24 months...but did you hear the news from CAT this Christmas? Yesterday, CAT delivered its first "Hybrid" bulldozer.   The dozer is a hybrid diesel-electric vehicle, that reportedly increases fuel efficiency by 25%.   More than that, CAT reports that the D7E should be more product, […]