New Mississippi Resident Preference Law Is Important for Louisiana Contractors Crossing Border

Earlier this year, Mississippi passed into law Senate Bill 2370, amending the resident preference statute for Mississippi public works projects:  Miss. Code Ann. § 31-3-21(3).   The bill is extremely important to Louisiana contractors who do (are want to do) business on public projects in Mississippi.  If you fail to abide, you're bid will be considered […]

ALERT: Mississippi Alters Lien Law to Welcome Rental Industry

The Construction Lien Blog recently posted an alert on the Mississippi Lien Laws, which appears relevant to our Louisiana readers who do construction work in that state. The Mississippi lien statutes haven't been significantly changed since 1918. As change is the only constant in this world, on March 17, 2010, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour signed […]

Great Resources for Mississippi Construction Law

This afternoon, I was reading a post on Bowie & Jenson's Construction Law Forum blog about problems that may arise when using the same subcontract in more than one state. The case discussed in the blog post regarding the differences in interpretation of a pay when paid clause in Maryland and Virginia. While we don't […]