Washington Court of Appeals Confirms It’s Tough To Argue Around the Model Disclosure Statement Requirements

In previous posts, I’ve written about the requirement for contractors contracting with property owners to provide a Model Disclosure Statement (Requirement in RCW 18.27.114(1)). A case decided Division III of the Court of Appeals last year addresses a challenge to this act made by a contractor, and highlights just how difficult it is for folks […]

Model Disclosure Statement Required in Washington To Protect Lien Rights When Contracting With Owner

Ask yourself these three questions: 1)     Are you a contractor of any sort? 2)     Did you or do you contract directly with the property owner on any construction project(s)? 3)     Is the residential project’s contract more than $1,000.00, or commercial project’s contract less than $60,000.00? If you answered yes to these three questions, pay very […]