Around the Web: New Orleans Receives $40 million FEMA Grant

Guest Post: Sarah Smith - legal assistant at Wolfe Law Group, LLC. It’s been seven years since devastating Hurricane Katrina destructed the City of New Orleans, and in that time the city has joined together to move forward in a positive direction to help rebuild the historical attraction. The pride and persistence of the residents […]

New Orleans City Council Passing Construction Requirements

Two weeks ago the New Orleans City Council passed and ordinance that is purported to beef up labor violations for city construction contracts. The council was sharply divided whereby the ordinance passed by a 4-3 final vote. The ordinance is best described by the City Council's own publication: "The Council adopted Ordinance Cal. No. 28,899, […]

NOLA Contractor’s College

On January 30, the New Orleans Mayor, Mitch Landrieu announced plans for what they are calling Contractor's College. This cutting edge program will aid Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in becoming educated so as to allow them to compete in the market place with other more established construction companies. Mayor Landrieu is quoted as saying: "Contractor’s College […]

New Orleans Awarded Grant to Expand Streetcar Line

The U.S. Department of Transportation awarded TIGER Grants last week to cities across the country, funding projects that "foster job creation, show strong economic benefits, and promote communities that are safer, cleaner and more livable."    New Orleans shared in the pie of funding, getting a $45 million grant to pay the full cost of […]

Louisiana Gearing Up For Green Boom? Is it Finally True?

The New Orleans Times Picayune ran a story last week that lead off with these two paragraphs: Louisiana is expected to get $122.3 million in federal economic recovery money to improve the energy efficiency of homes, government buildings and public transportation over the next three years and to jump-start renewable energy projects for electricity generation. […]

Do You Have Less Insurance Post-Gustav?

In the coming weeks and months, businesses, construction companies and homeowners alike may become frustrated with insurance companies, according to an article and study by the New Orleans Times Picayune. As a result of post-Katrina endorsements and creative policy structuring, some fear that insurance coverage may be more scarce than in 2005. According to, […]