Demand Letter: How An Attorney Letter Can Help You Get Paid

In the legal and collection industry we call this document a demand letter, but in most other circles its simply known as an "attorney letter." There are many people who are fearful of this type of correspondence and others who simply trash or avoid it as a matter of course. Regardless of how it is treated by the recipient, an attorney letter can 1) get you paid quickly and 2) is generally inexpensive. Neither of these two qualities exist in many legal offerings.

Open Accounts and Mechanics Liens

The following post was written by a guest contributor to the Construction Lien Blog, Christopher Hill.    Chris a construction attorney in the state of Virginia, leading the construction practice group at Durrette Bradshaw.  He publishes a construction law blog titled "Construction Law Musings."   [Chris' profile at Construction Lien Blog] Scott Wolfe, one of the contributors […]