Why An US Department Of Labor Investigation Can Ruin Your Year

Over the past few years, state and federal construction projects have been the bread and butter for the struggling construction industry. These projects are largely prevailing wage projects, and unfortunately, many contractors and subcontractors found themselves trying to understand compliance with these regulations for the first time. At the same time, federal budget challenges and […]

Is Obama’s “Better Buildings” Initiative Real or Rhetoric?

Earlier this month President Obama unveiled an initiative to make buildings more energy efficient in America. The Wall Street Journal simply summarized the President's goals and rationale with the following: [The program will provide] tax breaks and other proposal aimed at getting commerical-building owners to retrofit their structures to be more energy efficient, an initiate […]

What is PACE Financing and Is It Doomed?

Started in the green revolution's holy land, Berkley, California, PACE financing is shorthand for Property-Assessed Clean Energy Financing (Wikipedia entry). The concept is simple:  cities loan money to property owners to install clean energy equipment.   The loans are then repaid to the city through annual property tax assessments. As originally conceived, it's a win/win/win situation […]

Around the Web in Construction Law – May 21, 2010

29 States Add Construction Jobs Between March and April:    The Associated General Contractors of America released its report on the rise/fall of construction jobs around the country for the most recently reported month, and there is a mixture of good news and bad news (depending on where you are).   29 states splits the […]

E-Verify Required Starting September 9, 2009. Is it Really Going to Happen?

E-Verify, a government web-based system that helps employers verify a workers legal status, has been in the news before. Originally a George W Bush executive order, E-Verify was slated to become mandatory for federal contractors beginning January 15, 2009.   The change in executive administrations and a handful of lawsuits, however, pushed the requirement back indefinitely. This week, […]

Louisiana Gearing Up For Green Boom? Is it Finally True?

The New Orleans Times Picayune ran a story last week that lead off with these two paragraphs: Louisiana is expected to get $122.3 million in federal economic recovery money to improve the energy efficiency of homes, government buildings and public transportation over the next three years and to jump-start renewable energy projects for electricity generation. […]

Federal Works: Obama Pushes Use of Organized Labor

On February 6, 2009, President Obama overturned previous Bush administration policy regarding labor usage on federal projects, by passage of an executive order. The order eliminates the Bush prohibition of the use of "project labor agreements" on federally-funded projects. In the past, the Bush administration had sought to limit the use of these agreements to […]

World Wide Green Frenzy

With a weak economy, no jobs in sight and an incessant media frenzy, the White House has gone GREEN! Wouldn’t that make it a Green House? President Obama’s stimulus package aims to put about 20 billion dollars into greening the economy. “Greening the economy” sounds like the US government is trimming hedges, planting bulbs and […]