Leasing Equipment in Louisiana? How To Protect Your Lien Claim

You are in the business of leasing heavy equipment to contractors. You are beginning to provide more and more machinery to jobsites. You just hit your first snag with payment. What do you do? Chances are you are stuck in rough spot and have to defer to your contract for remedy. There is likely no […]

Reminder: Louisiana Lien Period Starts When The Entire Project is Completed, Not Simply The Claimant’s Work

Lien periods are a funny thing. In some states, they are painfully short, and in others tremendously long. Regardless of the actual period of time available for lien filing, in order to figure out when the lien period ends….it’s important to know when it begins! In some state (like Washington), the lien period starts when […]

How To Take Advantage Of New Retainage Laws in Louisiana

Earlier this week, we wrote about the new Retainage Law in Louisiana.   It's a remarkable change in the status quo from the perspective of general contractors, taking all retainage out the hands of the property owner and placing it into an interest earning escrow account. However, whether the law is productive for your construction company […]

New Retainage Rules in Louisiana Protect General Contractors

As pointed out last month by our friends at the Louisiana Construction Law Blog (Blogspot), Louisiana just passed new retainage rules that became law on August 15, 2010.    The act (SB 218) amends the Private Works Act to add §9:4815, requiring property owners to place "retainage" in escrow accounts. It's a remarkable change of […]

General Contractor Has Some Lien Rights When Contract Not Recorded

La R.S. 9:4811 of the Louisiana Private Works Act requires general contractors to record its contract whenever a project amount is in excess of $25,000.   The contract must be recorded before any work begins on the project, and must reference a legal property description. If the general contractor does not timely record the contract, […]

Details Matter When Filing Liens – As Recently Confirmed by Louisiana 3rd Circuit

Previously on the Louisiana Construction Law Blog , and over at the Construction Lien Blog operated by our friends at Express Lien, it's been mentioned that the lien statutes require attention to details.   In Louisiana, like elsewhere in the country, lien filings must meet strict statutory requirements. A case decided just last week in […]

The Lien Maze for Louisiana General Contractors

Read This Post to Learn: Special Considerations for General Contractors when Filing Liens Importance of Filing Notice of Contract to Preserve Lien Rights Special Requirements to Lien Private Residences The Value of a Contractor's Lien Penalties and Perils of Filing Liens Improperly The Louisiana Private Works Act contains the legal requirements for general contractors to […]

What Louisiana Subs and Suppliers Should Know about Liens

While subcontractors and suppliers often feel that they are at the bottom of the construction world's food chain, nearly every state protects them against non-payment with powerful lien laws. To utilize the force of these laws, however, its imperative to understand their scope and requirements. In Louisiana, the Private Works Act allows a subcontractor or […]