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New Orleans Business Market Receives National Acclaim

Over the weekend a good friend living in New York City, sent me a link to a Wall Street Journal article which outlines what all of us here in New Orleans have been seeing over the past few years, new exciting business growth. The article by Douglas McCollam, talks about the success of the non-profit Idea Village which was started in NOLA a decade ago.

The most telling aspect of McCollam’s piece is how he sees, and how it is apparent to New Orleans residents, that the attitude and culture of business has changed. Hurricane Katrina helped to rid the city of the negative attitude and filled it with a group of forward thinking resilient entrepreneurs who want to make a difference, while at the same time making a dollar.

One of the more colorful excerpts from McCollam’s article addresses the problem with the former attitude of the city,

“We had found the root of the problem.” It’s a problem that New Orleans seems to have overcome in the years since Hurricane Katrina—so much so that Mr. Williamson can now afford a little levity.

Other positive organizations that are helping to aid in business growth and entrepreneurial spirit include the New Orleans Startup Fund. This all ties into because, NOLA startup fund recently picked as one of its featured start up companies to help grow and become a successful New Orleans and nation-wide company. was founded by Wolfe Law Group founder, Scott G. Wolfe, Jr. Scott is the embodiment of the Wall Street Journal article and the national focus on our great city.

The winds of change are among us here in New Orleans and its a great time to live in this city. McCollum points out that Forbes and have recently coined New Orleans as a harbor for business growth and young talent. Only time will tell how this will change this city, but it will be a fun ride nonetheless.

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Scott Wolfe Quoted in New Orleans City Business Article About Delays When Paying Subcontractors

Scott Wolfe Jr. Construction LawyerSubcontractor non-payment is something very familiar to me. It’s been written about here on the Construction Law Monitor (especially with regard to how pay when paid clauses affect subcontractor payments), and it’s something my other blog (the Construction Lien Blog) focuses on exclusively in its discussion of mechanic liens.

So it’s no surprise that New Orleans City Business magazine contacted me to discuss how the law can help and hurt subcontractors who are frustrated when waiting for payments to trickle down from the owner.  The article can be found on City Business’ website (subscription required) here:  Subcontractors grow tired of waiting on delayed job payments.

The article’s author, Ben Myers, does a great job of capturing the friction between general contractors and subcontractors on the subject of payment. General contractors complain that getting payment can be complex and time consuming because that’s how money trickles through, and that subcontractors should be taking the risk for their portions of the work.  Subcontractors complain that they are bullied around and “pay when paid” provisions sometimes leave them drowning because of problems the general has completely unrelated to their work.

It’s a real complicated mess – and the article gets both sides on the subject and helps explain the complications.

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Building Code Seminiar Keynote Slides

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Building Codes seminar today, sponsored by Lorman Education Services. I learned a lot from the panel of speakers, and enjoyed giving my presentation on the Enforcement of Building Codes and Contractual Consequences of Violations.

My slides from the Keynote presentation are available on my account, and are embedded here:

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements on Building Codes & Going Solo

Speaking at Loyola Law Schools Skills Curriculum

In the next seven days, I’ll be speaking at two engagements. The first is available only to students at Loyola New Orleans College of Law, but the second is available to anyone in the New Orleans area through Lorman Seminars. Here are the details.

Loyola Law Schools Skills Curriculum
I’ll be visiting Loyola to teach a course through the school’s Skills Curriculum. The course – Solo from Scratch – teaches students how to open and run a solo practice right out of law school. I first taught the course in 2009, and I’m happy to be invited back to teach this semester. The course will be on Saturday, January 22, 2011, at 9:00 AM, at the Loyola New Orleans College of Law campus.

Building Codes – Lorman Seminars
This is a seminar organized by Lorman Education Services.  It will take place on January 26, 2011, at the Crown Plaza Hotel New Orleans Airport oat 2829 Williams Blvd, in Kenner, LA. The seminar is all-day, and you can register for the seminar and receive a 20% discount on registration with this information:

Building Codes (seminar information here)
January 26, 2011
Register Online: or by phone (866) 352-9539
Discount Code: F2716129
Priority Code: 15000

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Avvo Legal Guides on Oregon and Louisiana Liens Published

Want a step-by-step guide on how to file construction or mechanic liens in Louisiana or Oregon?   Your call has been answered this weekend with the publication of Avvo Legal Guides on both these subjects, which you can view here:

How to File a Construction Lien in Oregon

How to File a Construction Lien in Louisiana

These two legal guides offer plain english explanations on how to prepare and file a construction lien in either of these states.

The two above-listed legal guides were written and published by Scott Wolfe Jr., the founding attorney of Wolfe Law Group.  He previously published a similar legal article on about filing construction liens in Washington, which you can read here.

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