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Building Code Seminiar Keynote Slides

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Building Codes seminar today, sponsored by Lorman Education Services. I learned a lot from the panel of speakers, and enjoyed giving my presentation on the Enforcement of Building Codes and Contractual Consequences of Violations.

My slides from the Keynote presentation are available on my account, and are embedded here:

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements on Building Codes & Going Solo

Speaking at Loyola Law Schools Skills Curriculum

In the next seven days, I’ll be speaking at two engagements. The first is available only to students at Loyola New Orleans College of Law, but the second is available to anyone in the New Orleans area through Lorman Seminars. Here are the details.

Loyola Law Schools Skills Curriculum
I’ll be visiting Loyola to teach a course through the school’s Skills Curriculum. The course – Solo from Scratch – teaches students how to open and run a solo practice right out of law school. I first taught the course in 2009, and I’m happy to be invited back to teach this semester. The course will be on Saturday, January 22, 2011, at 9:00 AM, at the Loyola New Orleans College of Law campus.

Building Codes – Lorman Seminars
This is a seminar organized by Lorman Education Services.  It will take place on January 26, 2011, at the Crown Plaza Hotel New Orleans Airport oat 2829 Williams Blvd, in Kenner, LA. The seminar is all-day, and you can register for the seminar and receive a 20% discount on registration with this information:

Building Codes (seminar information here)
January 26, 2011
Register Online: or by phone (866) 352-9539
Discount Code: F2716129
Priority Code: 15000

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Presenting At Green Legal Matters This Week in New Orleans

Here is a truth:  Green Building is not a fad.

Between 2005 and 2008, the Green Building Construction industry has grown by 500%, from a $10 billion industry to a $49b industry.   McGraw-Hill Trends Driving Change Report’s Green Outlook 2009 predicts the industry tripling between now and 2013, to a $140b market.

If you’re in construction, these numbers should get your attention.  Especially in this market.

The unavoidable marriage between the green and construction industries is why our construction law practice has paid very close attention to green legal issues.   We operate two topic-specific blogs on the topic (Louisiana Green Law and Northwest Green Law), and I’m a LEED AP.

The first ever conference focusing on the green industry’s legal issues is taking place this week in New Orleans, LA, Green Legal Matters.  I’m very excited to take part in the conference by speaking at two programs:

Thursday, 3pm – 4pm
Agreements for Smart Building Certification and Green Litigation Risks
Presenting with James D’Entremont, Phelps Dunbar

Friday, 11am – 12pm
LEEDigation:  The Impact of LEED 3.0, Litigation and Building Regulation
Presenting with Christopher Hill, Law Office of Christoper Hill

View all of the Green Legal Matters programs at this PDF link.

I have Keynotes put together for the presentations.

For the one on Friday with Chris Hill (check out his great construction law blog here:   Construction Law Musings), the presentation is available on my SlideShare account.  You can also view it right here:

As can you for the one on Thursday with James d’Entremont:

[slideshare id=5437973&doc=greenlitigationrisks-101013193148-phpapp02]

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What Are Engineers Looking For in Chinese Drywall Inspections?

With more than 3000 homes involved in some form of litigation over Chinese Drywall, engineers of all sorts are being called upon to investigate the infected properties and report on its conclusions.

The Chinese Drywall problem, however, presents a lot of practical and scientific challenges. As engineers scratch the surface of these claims, they find more and more questions about the drywall and its damages.

Scott Wolfe has presented to the Louisiana Engineering Society and the American Society of Civil Engineers on precisely these questions, and specifically to answer this question: What Are You Looking For?

Scott’s presentation breaks down the search into three categories:

(1) Is it There? This is the most basic question posed to engineers; simply determining whether the home does or does not have contaminated drywall.

(2) How Deep Are The Damages? This question inquires as to just how deep into the home the damages go. Does it affect the wiring? Does it affect the building studs? Not only does this have relevance to the next category of inquiry, but is also has relevance to determine who is liable for the losses. A prime example of how this affects liability concerns builders and the New Home Warranty Act. If the damages go so deep as to create a structural defect, the NHWA will have broader applicability.

(3) What Type of Damages and How To Remediate. The final question requires determination of how to fix the problems, and to identify what type of damages the problem caused.

Here is the Keynote presentation used during these talks, brought to you by SlideShare:

[slideshare id=2538230&doc=drywall3-091119111125-phpapp02]

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Scott Wolfe Jr Speaks at Louisiana Engineering Soceity Meeting

Scott Wolfe, Jr., founder and member of Wolfe Law Group, LLC was invited to speak at the Louisiana Engineering Society: New Orleans Chapter’s Monthly Meeting.  Scott would like to extend his thanks to the LES for the invitation to speak and the opportunity to meet several people in the engineering industry.

The LES has three main chapters in the state of Louisiana and is dedicated to the advancement of the engineering profession by pursing an active leadership role through various resources.

For LES’ full mission and vision statements, click here. Incorporating speakers during the monthly meetings is just one of the many ways the LES provides its members with resources and information relevant to the field of engineering.

As a construction lawyer, Scott Wolfe consults with engineers as experts on various cases. Since the discovery of Chinese Drywall in completed construction projects across the state, he has become familiar with the basic problems of Chinese Drywall, how it effects individuals and contractors and how to proceed in the case that Chinese Drywall is detected.

The issue of Chinese Drywall is not only relevant to contractors and home/property owners, it extends to architects, engineers and attorneys.  Engineers in particular are being contracted to perform inspections of homes and businesses suspected of harboring Chinese Drywall.

Scott focused his presentation on the pertinent issue of Chinese Drywall in the state of Louisiana. Below is the slide presentation that was used during the meeting yesterday.

This article was originally posted on Wolfe Law Group’s topic-specific Chinese Drywall Blog.

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