Around the Web: Updates on Construction Law and Wolfe Law Group 3/27/09

This week, some familiar topics were being talked about in the legal blogosphere, from the Employee Free Choice Act to the Chinese Drywall situation in Florida, Louisiana and elsewhere.  Here are some selected articles and posts from around the web this week: EFCA - Amidst all of the controversy, three mega-retailers proposed an alternative to the […]

The Big Draw: Washington’s Stimulus Share Divulged

Washington state officials released figures to the media on Thursday, illustrating that the state is due to receive some $225 Million in funding. Initial planning earmarks all of that cash for major public building projects. A story released by the Seattle Times, indicates that the bulk of funding will be distributed for military projects, including […]

Mixed Messages for the Construction Industry on the Stimilus and State of the Economy

On January 1, 2009, the forecast for the construction industry and the American economy in general was reported grim. Since then, however, we've sworn in a new President, Congress passed an aggressive (albeit controversial) "Stimulus Package," and the dead of winter has bowed to a new Spring - typically a more productive time of the year […]

Louisiana Contractors: Start Your Engines

Here is a quote from New Orleans' Mayor Ray Nagin in a recent USA Today article titled "$700M in federal aid finally flowing to New Orleans:" Construction on jails, police and fire stations, playgrounds, theaters and mixed-income housing developments — all battered by the 2005 floods — has started or will start this year, as public […]

World Wide Green Frenzy

With a weak economy, no jobs in sight and an incessant media frenzy, the White House has gone GREEN! Wouldn’t that make it a Green House? President Obama’s stimulus package aims to put about 20 billion dollars into greening the economy. “Greening the economy” sounds like the US government is trimming hedges, planting bulbs and […]

Around the Web: Updates on Construction Law and Wolfe Law Group 2/20/09

Around the Web this week, we found lots of commentary and conversation about how the new Stimulus may positively impact the struggling construction industry...and, of course, talk about the upcoming Mardi Gras holiday (celebrated by our New Orleans office). Engineering News Record highlights the winners and losers to the stimulus bill.    AGC's SmartBrief reports that […]