New Orleans is A Solar America City: Take Advantage Of It

The U.S. Department of Energy has a "Solar America Cities" program, whereby it works in partnership with U.S. cities to accelerate the adoption of solar energy technologies for a cleaner, more secure energy future.  There are 25 major U.S. cities on the list, and New Orleans is one of them. If you're in or around […]

Obama Wants To Double The Amount of Renewable Energy in 2010

President Obama unveiled an aggressive clean energy program that should be music to the ears of those in the green building / solar energy industries. Armed with the goal of doubling the amount of renewable energy in the U.S. in 2010, Obama stated that the government will provide $2.3 billion in tax credits for the […]

Louisiana the Greenest??? It Certainly is the Brightest

Well we may not be the most “green” state in the union; but according to Green Scene Magazine we are the most favorable and offer the best rebates on solar additions to your home. According to the magazine the Louisiana Legislature in 2007 enacted some of the most progressive legislation in the country giving up […]

“Green Building” Senate Bill 91 Pending in Louisiana Legislature

A May 2009 press release from Louisiana Senator Neil Gautreaux's office explains that the proposal of Senate Bill 91 gained unanimous support after a group of fifth graders testified on behalf of the legislation and urged state legislators to "go green." While still pending in Baton Rouge and not yet on its way to the […]

Green Tax Credits in Plain English

Are you absolutely confused about "green tax credits?" We hear the terminology enough, as green building and green products aren't short on press coverage.  Too often, however, it seems that the tax credit system isn't actually explained, and one is left to wade through Google searches to understand how to qualify for these tax breaks. […]

Louisiana’s 2009 Green Building Legislation

Governor Bobby Jindal signed two Green Building bills into law this July 2009. The first, Act 348, authorizes the creation of sustainable energy financing districts and was authored by Senator Nick Gautreaux.    The second, ACT 520, authorizes a tax credit for certain green job industries, and was authored by Representative Walt Leger. The two […]

How to Become a Qualified Installer of Solar Equipment in Louisiana

A few weeks ago, we posted an article about the tax credits available to homeowners, property owners and developers for installing solar energy equipment in Louisiana (Louisiana the Greenest?  It's Certainly The Brightest).  Therein, we explained that Louisiana has some of the most impressive incentives in the nation for solar energy installations. Let's look at […]