Around the Web in Construction Law – April 23, 2010

These past two weeks, there  were some interesting Chinese Drywall posts, a great deal of Green Building issues in the news and a milestone in modern social networking. Chinese Drywall in Louisiana.  Timothy R. Hughes of the Virginia Real Estate Land Use & Construction Law Blog posted about the Economic Loss Rule as it relates […]

Green Building Regulations: Can the LEED Rating System become law?

There is a growing debate on whether or not legislatures should seek to codify and incorporate provisions of the LEED rating system into state and local law. The debate is now hitting the blogosphere. One of our favorites, Chris Cheatham, over at the Green Building Law Update has theorized that there are three simple reasons […]

Uh-Oh: I Made A LEED Mistake And Don’t Know What To Do

LEED projects are hotter than ever, especially with the amount of public works projects being funded by the Stimulus package. As more and more LEED projects get underway, more and more mistakes occur. Unfortunately, mistakes all too often lead to disputes and litigation. I Don't Get It? LEED What? Here is the readers digest explanation […]

Green Building Council Publishes New Manual on Green Leases

The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® has recently released the newest in its line of guidebooks. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the foremost authority in green building construction, conservation and sustainability. Then new guide book is entitled “Green Office Guide: Integrating LEED Into Your Leasing Process” It is a comprehensive guide on […]

Green Building Law? Is It Different Than Ordinary “Law?”

There are a growing number of construction attorneys getting certified in green building professional courses and touting themselves as "green litigation attorneys."  Our friends over at the Best Practices Construction Law blog just posted an interesting blog article about whether there is a difference between "green building law" and ordinary run-of-the-mill "law." The article is […]

Green Building and Risk Management

Just recently, the U.S. Green Building Council published an update to its readers explaining Risk Management issues to its readers, explaining that while green building is growing even in the current U.S. Economy, it presents unknowns that makes it difficult for the industry and insurance underwriters to manage risks. Here is a snippet: Underwriting insurance […]