Can I File A Mechanics Lien For This?

Lien laws vary from state-to-state, but across the country it's a consistent principle that contractors and suppliers can only file mechanic's liens for work they perform on a construction improvement project. This begs the very important questions - what is a construction improvement project? And beyond that, what is a construction improvement? With respect to […]

Christopher Hill Launches Great Resource for Virginia Mechanic Liens

Our friend at Construction Law Musings, Virginia construction attorney Christopher Hill, just add a really great resource to his top-notch construction law blog for those interested in construction liens.   A Mechanic's Lien Page. Before the lien page, Musings was already a great source of  information on Virginia lien laws.   The new page really organizes that […]

Developer Ordered to Remove Chinese Drywall in Virginia

The Chinese Drywall saga and how it relates to builders shook up a bit in Virginia this week when the Chesapeake Board of Building Code Appeals ordered a developer to remove Chinese Drywall from a hotel that was days from opening. While not an order from a Virginia court, the board's action demonstrates that builders […]

How Filing A Lien Can Be Helpful on a Bankrupt Project

Let's face facts:  2009 has not been a great year for construction. Contractors and Suppliers large and small are facing non-payment scenarios, and sometimes, while waiting for a prolonged payment some are getting feared news:  that the owner or general contractor is filing bankruptcy. Christopher Hill, a construction attorney in Virginia, just this week published […]

Builders Starting To Tango with Chinese Drywall Claims

As the Chinese Drywall crisis unfolded over the last few months, news reports were abound of class action litigation against large drywall manufacturers, but it appeared that builders were getting a "free pass" on liability. Unfortunately, but inevitably, it appears the tide is changing. Recently, the shoe dropped for Lennar Co., who was arguably the […]

Open Accounts and Mechanics Liens

The following post was written by a guest contributor to the Construction Lien Blog, Christopher Hill.    Chris a construction attorney in the state of Virginia, leading the construction practice group at Durrette Bradshaw.  He publishes a construction law blog titled "Construction Law Musings."   [Chris' profile at Construction Lien Blog] Scott Wolfe, one of the contributors […]

Caution: Lien Laws in are Hyper-Technical

In most states, the liens laws are hyper-technical.   This means that the laws have many requirements, and that courts strictly construe the rules against the party filing construction liens. This is true for nearly every state. While laws across the nation provide lien rights to those in the construction industry, because of the power […]