Your Mechanics Lien Resource Treasure Trove

Mechanics Liens used to be a cornerstone topic on this blog; meaning I would write an article about filings, foreclosing and/or litigating a mechanics lien quite frequently. In fact, over the years I sort of consider myself a "lien guy."  Insofar as construction law goes, mechanic lien and state or federal bond claims has sort […]

Bizarre Lien Foreclosure Case May Have Far-Reaching Effects in Washington

A bizarre case from the Washington Division I Court of Appeals in Diversified Wood Recycling, Inc. v. Harold Johnson, et al. may have far-reaching consequences for claimants, property owners and construction attorneys foreclosing mechanic liens. Until the opinion was published last week, Washington lien law seemed pretty clear on two points: When you file a […]

Ignorance of Law Can Cost You Debarment on Federal and State Construction Projects

I recently came across an interesting blog post on Mike Purdy’s Public Contracting Blog that includes a report by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries releasing an updated list of debarred contractors in Washington.  The post itself highlights the hugely important issue of contractor debarment that every state or federal contractor should be […]

Construction Legislation Now Pending in Washington

The new legislative session has begun in Washington, and a number of bills affecting the construction industry have been introduced. We wrote a full blog post on one of the more interesting bills introduced to address the controversial Williams v. Athletic Field construction lien case. Here is a summary of some of the other pending […]

Lien Bill Introduced in Washington Legislature To Offset Williams v Athletic Field

Williams v. Athletic's Field took the Washington mechanic lien world by storm last year, when it declared a mechanic lien invalid even though the claimant used the specific form provided by the statute. We've written about this opinion at length on this blog, and noted that the decision is now being reviewed by the Washington […]

One License Enough for Joint Ventures in Washington and Oregon

A few months ago, I posted "Joint Ventures and Contractor Licensing - Not A Simple Topic," which compared the regulation of joint ventures by construction licensing entities in Washington (one party to joint venture requires license) and Louisiana (all parties to joint venture require license). I completely overlooked a recent change in the Oregon law […]

Washington Court of Appeals Confirms It’s Tough To Argue Around the Model Disclosure Statement Requirements

In previous posts, I’ve written about the requirement for contractors contracting with property owners to provide a Model Disclosure Statement (Requirement in RCW 18.27.114(1)). A case decided Division III of the Court of Appeals last year addresses a challenge to this act made by a contractor, and highlights just how difficult it is for folks […]

Comment Period for Seattle’s New Construction Standards Expiring Soon

The City of Seattle has stuck with the same Construction Standards since 2008 (you can download the current standards in PDF here), and they are poised to publish a new edition in the early part of 2011.   What will these new standards look like?   That, for the time being, has not yet been completely determined. […]

Is The Nailed! Blog “Nailing” Companies Before A Fair Investigation?

A couple of weeks ago, we posted about a new blog out in the blogosphere that is of interest to the Washington construction industry:   Nailed! The blog is published by Washington's Department of Labor and Industries, through Carl Hammersburg, the department's Fraud Prevention and Compliance manager.  The blog focuses on fraud prevention and compliance […]