Litigation Topics for Prime / Subcontractor Contracts

I had a speaking engagement today here in Kenner, Louisiana (a suburb of New Orleans) whereby I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of contractors and architects regarding construction contracts. The bulk of the discussion focused on the most contested provisions within construction contracts. The information is very helpful to contractors and can […]

Will the 2009 Economy Create More Mechanic Lien Filings?

At the Construction Lien Blog, we've written about the current state of the economy in America, and how this has affected the construction industry from coast-to-coast. However, there is recent conversation in the media and out in the blog-o-sphere that the economy's impact on construction has increased the amount of mechanic's liens filed by contractors. […]

Be Careful When Using Free Legal Forms

Gerard Simington with “” published an informative article that warns businesses about using free legal forms found on the internet. The Internet has placed legal information and legal forms at our fingertips – and its easy to forget sometimes that the law is a very complicated subject, and legal forms are no exception.  While a […]

7 Habits of Contractors Who Lose Money…and How to Break Them

The Construction Commando’s “Contractor’s Secret Weapon” published an article with this title that described seven instances when contractors lose money on a project.  While the article was drafted to an audience of California contractors, the habits apply nationwide. It will be to any contractors’ benefit to review this article online, access which habits apply to […]

Credit Meltdown Squeezing Contractors – Lien To Protect Your Rights

The Associated General Contractors organization just published an article titled "Credit Meltdown Market Squeezes Contractors," reporting how the recent economic problems in the U.S. are greatly effecting those in the construction industry. The article discusses the upheaval on Wall Street, and how its stopping construction projects all over the country. You can read the article […]

The Effectiveness and Strength of Construction Liens

Andrea Goldman, a construction attorney in Massachusetts, recently placed an interesting post about the strengths of construction liens on her blog, "Home Contractor vs. Homeowner." While the article specifically discusses mechanic's liens in Massachusetts, the points ring true about liens across the United States: Liens are less costly than filing suit; Liens are a very effective […]

Why Lien?

Dear Contractor/Subcontractor/Supplier: There are some customers or prime contractors who will not pay you after a significant amount of work, labor, services and materials have been invested into performing a job. The founder of Zlien's father and grandfather were both general contractors in New Orleans, LA, so we know your frustration. The best way to […]